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Global Programs & Travel

Leverage global education programs to drive inclusive student success

Global education can be a high impact practice that supports student success. To make the most of the experience, whether on a structured education abroad program or intentional independent travel, access to inclusive advising resources is essential.
Includifi’s Global Programs & Travel Pathway Course bundle consists of culturally relevant learning modules centering the experiences of historically marginalized student populations. A scalable tool, the Includifi Pathways are an essential resource to prepare students for success before, during and after global education & travel programs and to promote inclusive safety & security.
A Few of the Topics Included
Health & Safety
Scholarships & Finances
The Benefits
24/7 Access to a comprehensive library of culturally responsive and identity-specific learning lessons that focus on global education and travel programs.
An out of the box, scalable resource that expands the reach, saves time and complements the work of professional and peer advisors as well as faculty program leaders.
Provides campus administrators and department leaders with data and insights to track, identify trends and gauge which inclusion & belonging themes are most salient with their student community.