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Experience Belonging

An all-in-one engagement system that drives community, belonging & inclusive success.

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Belonging Doesn't Happen By Chance.

What We Do

Unify Efforts That Drive Belonging

Manage, measure, and improve the effectiveness of organization-wide belonging & well-being efforts in a single location

Increase Accessibility & Retention

Streamline accessibility to targeted programs and services that drive belonging & inclusive success

Empower Collaboration & Engagement

Empower students and employees with a personalized ecosystem that increases visibility and engagement with high-impact resources and opportunities

How It Works

Includifi’s powerful engagement platform equips organizations with the technology to deliver on their inclusion & belonging initiatives.

The Platform

Includifi’s integrated engagement system automates, scales, and increases accessibility to organization-wide resources and opportunities that drive belonging, retention & success.

For Education | For Organizations

Pathway Courses

Pathway Courses are a scalable library of culturally responsive micro-learning modules that support students in successfully navigating university life, services and on/off campus opportunities.

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Grow with Includifi

Includifi helps its partners build and sustain a culture of inclusion & belonging