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Bring the opportunities and services that drive student belonging and success into one accessible location.

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Success Doesn't Happen By Chance.

What We Do

Increase Accessibility

Consolidate and raise visibility of campus-wide services and high-impact opportunities in a single location.

Deepen Engagement

Increase engagement with one-stop access to programs and support services that are proven to drive student belonging and success.

Improve Outcomes

Empower success at each stage of the student lifecycle with a personalized digital experience that fosters retention and holistic success.

How It Works

Includifi’s engagement platform – JourneyU – and student success modules – Pathways – make campus more accessible and increase engagement with proven interventions that drive student belonging and inclusive success.

Includifi JourneyU

JourneyU is an all-in-one engagement platform that consolidates and increases accessibility to campus-wide programs and services that drive enrollment, belonging, and success.

Includifi for Education

Includifi Pathways

A scalable library of culturally responsive micro-learning modules, Pathways support students in successfully navigating university life, services, and high-impact opportunities.

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Grow with Includifi

Includifi helps its partners build and sustain a culture of inclusion & belonging